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15 years ago

I am using DNN 4.06.01 with YAF 1.91.05

I have 2 roles setup in DNN. One is Notpaid and the other is Paiduser. I have YAF setup so that new users are automatically given the role of Member. This works great for everyone that has paid for my product. They are immediatley able to see my forum page that I have set to only be seen by users with the Paiduser role.

I want to create some forums in there that are for the Notpaid users though. I would have to change the forum page so that Notpaid and Paidusers are both able to see the forum, but I want to limit what forums each of them see. The only problem is that it doesn't seem like YAF and DNN roles are linked in that way.

Any ideas how I can go about doing this?

Hopefully you know what I'm asking. If I didn't explain it well, let me know and I'll try to clarify what I'm asking.

Thank You,


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15 years ago
This would be much easier with v1.9.3 which can use DNN membership.

You could modify the YAFDNN module to programmically do whatever you want... You should download that code and take a look.
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15 years ago
Jaben, the only one I can find is YAF for DNN, cannot find 1.9.3 for DNN anywhere...
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15 years ago
I need to do the same sort thing and was thinking about adding an insert trigger on the YAF user table to do the linking.
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