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16 years ago

I need information on Admin options for Moderation of the posts

As well as "Post Moderated" - where we check the posts after they are entered,
I also need the option where some posts in a forum will be "pre-moderated" if certain
"restricted" words / phrases are present in the post, in this case the post will not be displayed until moderator "approves/cleans"

If no "restricted" phrases are present then the post will be posted like normal (and displayed for all to see) - and "Post Moderated" like normal.

So I guess we need a mix of "post and pre moderated" posts - depending on
the existance of these "restricted" phrases.

(In this case we want pre moderated posts that include words relating to a
certian product / service my client offers)

I hope makes sense , does this exist?

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16 years ago
In a word no. Nor am I aware of other forums taking this approach. Generally forums work on if a post has been reported x times then it will slip back in moderation / be hidden from you. And this is pretty much the direction i will be taking the moderation features.

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14 years ago
Is there a way to set up straight-forward post-moderation though? So that for a given forum, a moderator is set, but all posts are automatically published without moderator approval and only handled by the moderator after publication.
12 years ago
One thing that you aren't appreciating Mek in this request, is that moderation isn't only about filtering out unwanted messages. Having a list of new posts for a moderator to review also keeps them on top of activity and discussions, allowing them to respond or forward it on to someone else. I know there are others ways to get to this, but the very very simple "Assumed Innocent" feature for moderation is a very effective way to do this.
And this isn't just speculation. We've been running our YAF under "Assumed Innocent" for many years, by applying hardcoded modifications to the source code. However, this has the unfortunate effect of making implementing new releases very arduous.
12 years ago
With YAF's features of 'last unread' and the way it marks posts since a user has last signed in, I don't see why there needs to be a seperate list of 'new posts' - simply turn on email notifications for a forum for the moderator, which will send an email anytime a new post is added to the forum, or even simpler, sign in and look for posts that are marked as new in the topic list...
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12 years ago
I know to all of you these other facilities seem equivalent - but they just aren't.
When it comes to trying to get people to be diligent, nothing beats having a to-do list explicitly set up with a button to push to acknowledge they were there.

Think of it as the equivalent of making the night watchman go around and turn a key on checkpoint boxes spread around the building. Can the watchman walk around and check out things without them? Certainly. Are the results a heck of a lot better if those checkpoint boxes are there and everyone can see what they've done and haven't done? Definitely!

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