15 years ago
Hello Fellow YAF Users!

I am in the process of creating multiple boards for my website, and was curious if anyone did anything with multiple boards and one "master Login"

I would like to have a single user ID for any of my boards, not the independent DB like it's now.

How would I set that up? Is there a way to to it within YAF without having to modify the code? Any help would be awesome, thanks! :cheesy:

Brian "kainthedragoonx" Seabolt

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15 years ago
No, it's not possible without modification of code. We'll focus on this in next version.
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15 years ago
Ederon wrote:

No, it's not possible without modification of code. We'll focus on this in next version.

My site requires that users log in.. And we maintain our userdID / Passwords

Do we suffer the same limitations as listed above?

Meaning.. Can we not implement a single login?
15 years ago
I have recently took 1.9.6 and integrated it with a site built in classic ASP that has it's own membership information.

I have to admit, it was quite a bit of customization, but is still doable given the right skills, understanding databases and the YAF architecture.

In a nutshell:

- I had to remove password encryption because the existing membership passwords were in clear text.

- I had to remove all options to update a users profile since we already had that function on the existing classic ASP site (I just added links to reset password, update profile to send users to the existing ASP website).

- I had to remove registration since we want to our membership DB to be the primary DB.

- The meat of the integration was in yaf_login where I created a Linked Servers between two SQL DBs. I did much of the business logic in that sproc to check to see if the users were active, etc. If users did not exist in YAF, but they existed in the main Membership DB, I would insert them. I would also update their information if I see that the profile has changed.

- One snag. How do I know what the users time zone is? Since I allow registrations through YAF, they dont have the ability to set their time zone. So, within the login functionality, I grabbed the GMT offset from the client computer. Granted, it is probably not the best way because I am assuming their computer time is correct, but it works. Of course, YAF time zone is the opposite from javascript gmt offset, so I just multiplied by -1.

Again, there is a lot of customization and more than I had ever thought there would be.

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15 years ago
Ederon wrote:

No, it's not possible without modification of code. We'll focus on this in next version.

Sorry for the necrobump, but I didn't see this in the RC notes. Does anyone know if you can use 1 log in for multiple boards with the RC?
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15 years ago
This is a simple thing to do in SQL Server link the tables and field between the two databases. If one table change it should update the link table in the other database. Use SQL Server Management tool.
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