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16 years ago

I've got an existing installation of YAF on Windows 2000 Server & SQL Server 2000.

I need to move the database to SQL Server 2005.

I've made a copy of the existing database on the new DB server, preserving exact names, and recreated the same SQL login account with same name and password.

As a test, I've also made a copy of the forum folder (in the same directory as the original, with a slightly different name) on the web server. In this copy I've changed the web.config's connection string to point at the new DB server and changed the element to match the test folder.

When I try and access the test copy forum, it tries to browse to the install folder. As this has been renamed (as recommended), it doesn't find it.

Any ideas why this is happening and not loading the forum default.aspx?

I've searched, but have not found a guide for moving to a new database server.

I'm also soon moving web servers to Windows Server 2003/IIS 6.0 - is there issues I will face there?

Thanks, Luke.

16 years ago
what about backing up the database, then letting YAF do its install?

After it is done, restore the database. If it is the same database structure and naming convention, maybe that will fool yaf into thinking it has already done its install, while allowing you to keep the previous posts. Don't know if it will work or not, but it might be worth a try...
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15 years ago
I'm shifting to a new provider...

I backed up and restored the database, set my connexion string up, and I'm getting the install folder browse thing too. I know the database is there and as I'm using other databases on the new hoster I probably have the logins all correct.

I will try the solution posted here (reinstall as per a clean installation, then restore the database from backup on top of that), but is there an easier way? I only ask as the hoster doesn't let me restore my own backups, so its a pain to have to get them to do it again, and maybe there's an easier way...


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15 years ago
Ok, the good news is that you don't need to do it:
(1) install
(2) restore from backup.
It works fine the other way around - the backup script finds the restored database and all the posts and stuff. All good.
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