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3 months ago

In v 3.1.8 I'm finding that a topic disappears  if a post is moved from it to another topic. The topic is not deleted and to make it visible again you can simply:

1) Return to it (if you know the url)
2) Make a new post to it

I've been busy recently so haven't had chance to step through the code to see what is going on. Is it a known problem?


3 months ago
The first few times it happened, I thought I was losing my mind or did something wrong, haha. I haven't looked into it.  My guess is the topic table doesn't get updated with the latest messageId after a message is moved.  I don't think I've had it happen every time and since I move messages so infrequently, it's been hard to nail down so I can create a bug that walks through how to reproduce it.
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3 months ago
EDIT: Okay tested the code. There is indeed a bug. Issue will be fixed in YAF 3.1.13
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