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I downloaded the YAF 2.31.9 source code to recompile it with my 'personal' fixes for the simplex theme we discussed here:


However, I detected that some of them were integrated! Fore example, I found this line:

//$font-size-base:              0.8125rem !default;

I recompiled the source files 'as is' but got another version of bootstrap-forum.css and bootstrap-forum.min.css if we compare them with what you included into the release installation!! In the installation, you'll find a lot of .8125rem sizes, but you will not see them if you compile your source files.

And the situation is even worse. if I recompile your sources and upload the resulting bootstrap-forum.min.css to the webserver, all hyperlinks on the forum become underlined. Arghhh...

Something is definitely wrong in the sources and release files for YAF 2.31.9 - at least, for the simplex theme. Please, check this yourself and fix.
The github links at the moment point to version 3.0 and not 2.31.9. Unfortunately I can't change it.

Here is the correct link...


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