2 years ago
Thumbs up to the team for the latest release.I have couple of issues in non-English environment.

1-If you set the forum culture to RTL languages (e.g. Persian, Arabic) and disable users’ access to change language, then the default layout will still be LTR unless you log-in.

2- If you use Shamsi (Farsi) Date then you cannot set your birthday in profile. It always shows 0001/01/01.This happens because Shamsi date is behind Gregorian by almost 600 years. For example today is 1399/05/21 in Shamsi and 2020/8/12 in Georgian.

3-When you try to log-out, The UI refreshes and then the confirmation dialog is appeared. Not a bug with 2.31.8 but annoying since long time ago.

4-I am having difficult time rebuilding the solution in Debug mode under VS2019 (using latest SVN from Stable branch). Gives numerous errors regarding ServiceStack DLLs which then breaks the whole process.

5.I remember when I was writing SQL management section under Admin > Database > DB Maintenance, I had added several messages at the end of each operations. For example "Shrink was successful. You database size is # now!" .But they are not shown in the recent versions.


  • tha_watcha
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  • YAF.NET Project Lead 🤴 YAF Version: 3.0.3
2 years ago
  • You need to set the language for the guest user
  • Issue will be fixed in 2.31.09 (and already fixed in the stable branch)
  • Not a big issue, but it is also fixed in 2.31.09
  • The stable branch should compile now in debug mode
  • [*]also fixed in 2.31.09[/list]
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