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Having just signed up to the forum (and I am not sure which version of YAF this forum server is running), a couple of notes

  1. after completing the registration details, i was not redirected to a page explaining what was next - that is to say a page explaining that my email needed to be verified and could I check my inbox
  2. After clicking on the validation link, the page stated
    Failed to verify email address
    . However the email had come through showing it was validated!
  3. After previewing a message came up saying something about an earlier draft, would I like to discard with OK/Cancel options. It would be ideal to explain "click OK to delete the saved version, cancel to keep it"
  4. Using the buttons for italic etc immediately results in scroll back to the top of the page!
  5. The button for 'post' actually says 'save' - which to me means save draft

and I am not sure which version of YAF this forum server is running

You can always see it in the Footer "Powered by YAF.NET 2.31."

1. What page did you see after registration? i just checked it and i got..


2. Did you click the link twice? otherwise you would not receive the welcome message. I tested it and i got the correct message, but i also clicked the link twice in the email and then got the error message.

3. auto save will be removed soon.

4. Which browser are you using?

5. i will change that with the next update!
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thanks for your time. I gave an extensive answer, but it all got lost in an error on posting (I was describing another error at the time I created another account - the stack trace looks like it was in a separate thread sending confirmation email - customerrors is clearly off).

2 errors resulting in loosing a significant size post clearly indicates this is not the forum software for me. Thanks for your time. p.s. Firefox developer 74.0b9

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