When I use the CKEditor,  I cannot upload pictures. However, creating a new folder is no problem.
I'm not sure if this is correct in the forum, but post it. maybe someone has the same problem.

step by step: create a new topic, click insert new picture in message (CK Editor), click search server, click on the folder, Upload file/upload picture, click upload, finish... nothing happens anymore.
even when updating no picture uploaded in the folder.

Solution for the moment: Save the picture in DNN: Admin / File Management before creating the new forum entry with the picture that goes with it.
Looks like a problem with that old Editor Provider. Be aware you should use the default ckeditor provider of dnn.

And why are you not using the Attachment function to upload files, bellow the editor?

PS: Just as note the option to use the dnn editor in yaf will soon be removed. instead only the optimized ckeditor can be used.

I don't use DNN's CK Editor because it causes display errors manytimes in Firefox.
I am now back on the BBCode Editor in the forum module. I found another error here. > BBCode extensions > BBCode extension add / edit
Beschreibung: [VIMEO]https://www.vimeo.com/xxxxxxx[/VIMEO], Ersetzen RegEx: src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/...
change to https and video is displayed

Many thanks from my side and for the great support at any time
Originally Posted by: rthoeni 

I don't use DNN's CK Editor because it causes display errors manytimes in Firefox.

Then you should report it to the issue tracker 😉

Vimeo Extension will be updated in the next version.


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