Install in one database with a different database prefix for each install?
Are there any instructions to install two separate boards on one domain?
I have been hunting for instructions on this but could not locate any.

domain Board separation:
The board id can be set in the forum control

<YAF:Forum runat="server" ID="forum" BoardID="1"></YAF:Forum>

So you need to create a boardNameA.aspx and a boardNameB.aspx and put the content of the default.aspx inside it. And set the Board ID to the board you want to use.
However I am thinking I made a mess by changing the board to multi-board after the initial installation.

After changing this portion of the app.config
** BoardID Key ** Defaults to: 1 **

You can create as many boards as you want and they will function as separate
forums (with separate users). (Admin->Boards to create new boards.)
You can also specify "BoardID" in the forum control:

<YAF:Forum ID="Forum1" runat="server" BoardID="2" />

<add key="YAF.BoardID" value="1" />
<add key="YAF.BoardID" value="2" />

1- I noticed the folder hierarchy changed to "" and "".
And each "numbered" folder has the Images, Theme and Uploads folder in each.

Not sure if I should put the respective "Board Page" inside each numbered folder; or inside the the root folder.

Current problem:
The Menu Links and all hyperlinks on the newly created Board pages still default to the Initial board page (default.aspx).

Did you set the Board id in the forum control?

It should work if ForceScriptName is not defined in the app.config:

<add key="YAF.ForceScriptName" value="default.aspx" />

This line should be not present!
I removed the line you mentioned and am getting better results. Thanks Again.

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