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4 years ago
I am looking for below features in YAF
  • Open APIs,
  • Analytics Reports,
  • Integration with Mobile application,
  • Sending notifications
  • [/list]Can some one guide me whether we have these features ? IF yes document around it.Thanks

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    4 years ago
    Originally Posted by: tejaswini.c 

    Open APIs

    There is only a basic webservice. Example here...


    But you could easily extend it yourself, if needed.

    Originally Posted by: tejaswini.c 

    Analytics Reports


    Originally Posted by: tejaswini.c 

    Integration with Mobile application

    No, but YAF starting with Version 2.3.0 has a responsive Layout

    Originally Posted by: tejaswini.c 

    Sending notifications

    If you mean email messages then yes.

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