Just downloaded the sample app (C#). I have SQL Server 2014 installed on my machine so wanted to attach the database in App_Data folder.
I copied the .mdf and .ldf files to "Data" folder of SQL Server installation folder, opened SQL Server and when I selected the files to attach I got an error : "The database cannot be opened because it is version 851. This server supports version 782 and earlier. A downgrade path is not supported".
Is this database done in MS SQL 2016? If so, is there a 2014 version available?
Its just an empty database. I think its more easy if you create a new db in your sql server, and adjust the connection string to your server and the db in the db.config
I found a SQL 2016 DB and tried to "attach" the .mdf file found in App_data folder and there was no database file, so I guess you are right, DB is empty. I don't see the point of adding an empty DB; usually there are some table structures even though they are empty and a couple of tables with some default records.
I can create an empty DB but what tables go into it?! some info in a "ReadMe.txt" file would have been helpful.
As I though: it is complaining about missing SP:

"Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.yaf_registry_list'."

So, an empty database does not seem to be the solution. Something is wrong with the database included in the sample project files. Why wold the sample project look for a stored procedure if the included database is empty.
The Active Discussion Module on the default page doesn't have a check if the forum is installed. You need to run the Install Wizard Manually via /Install/Default.aspx

then the database will be initialized.

I updated the sample project 

Now the Install wizard is automatically initialized.


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