6 years ago
I'm currently using this version " 2.2.3 BETA 20150707" and Email digests are not being sent out.

I can generate a digest email successfully and send a direct message. However, when I click "Force Digest Send" I am not getting any emails. I have these settings in my app settings
<add key="YAF.ForceScriptName" value="default.aspx" />
<add key="YAF.BaseUrlMask" value=" http://forums-staging.hrrhub.net" />
It appears that this used to be a problem in an earlier version so I would assume that it is fixed. issue 
Any Ideas?

6 years ago
  • tha_watcha
  • 100% (Exalted)
  • YAF.NET Project Lead 🤴 YAF Version: 3.0.3
6 years ago
This problem with the digest email still exist, i can confirm that. At the moment i can not tell you when this will be fixed. I already found what is the problem but it will take some time to fix.
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