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6 years ago

we've another startpage than the default.aspx (using a selfmade portal, filename portal2017.aspx).

Changing the default document to another one doesn't take effect.


<defaultDocument enabled="true">
            <clear />
          <add value="portal2017.aspx" />

The UrlRewriter.config was extended too:

<if url="^((?!\.ashx|\.asmx|\.axd|\.gif|\.png|\.jpg|\.ico|\.pdf|\.css|\.js|install|error|auth\.aspx|popup\.aspx|advanced\.aspx|digest\.aspx|portal2017\.aspx|default\.aspx|ftb.imagegallery\.aspx|ckfinder).)*$">
    <rewrite url="^~/(.+)?\?(.+)?$" to="~/Default.aspx?g=$1&amp;$2" processing="stop" />
    <rewrite url="^~/(.+)?\.aspx$" to="~/Default.aspx?g=$1" processing="stop" /> 
    <rewrite url="^~/(.+)?$" to="~/Default.aspx?g=$1" processing="stop" />

By typing it in the URL, the Portal works fine.

Any ideas about this?

Many thanks!!!


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