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7 years ago
I use lastest YAF version: 2.2.3. everything is ok. But when i try to connect to Facebook login. Failed.
https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET/wiki/Facebook-Integration .
When i access to login page in my YAF, continue http:/mysite.com/login?auth=facebook
-> continue, my browser address is:

and cannot redirect to my YAF.
How must i do? Any help?

  • theanh3112
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7 years ago
http://forum.mysite.com/  -> root
auth.aspx is on root folder.

Facebook app config:
Client OAuth Login : enable
Web OAuth Login : enable
Public: enable
i added FB APP ID & Secret in app.config.

here is the log:

Error while trying to login or register the facebook user System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Email cannot be null. at YAF.Providers.Utils.ExceptionReporter.ThrowArgumentNull(String providerSection, String tag) in e:'RITC'yafsrc'YAF.Providers'Utils'ExceptionReporter.cs:line 134 at YAF.Providers.Membership.YafMembershipProvider.GetUserNameByEmail(String email) in e:'RITC'yafsrc'YAF.Providers'Membership'YafMembershipProvider.cs:line 1055 at YAF.Core.Services.Auth.Facebook.LoginOrCreateUser(HttpRequest request, String parameters, String& message) in e:'RITC'yafsrc'YAF.Core'Services'Auth'Facebook.cs:line 186 at YAF.Auth.HandleFacebookReturn() in e:'RITC'yafsrc'YetAnotherForum.NET'auth.aspx.cs:line 237

But cannot redirect without blank page 😞, helpppppp
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7 years ago
The Problem is according to Facebook if the user does not provide an email address (because the user uses his phone number) then YAF throw an error because yaf needs the email address.

In YAF 2.3.0 i added a check if the email address is empty and if its empty the user gets an error message instead of the white screen.
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