8 years ago
Had YAF integrated with my website where I used SetAuthCookie in the parent site and YafMembershipProvider and YafRoleProvider when the user goes from the parent website to the YAF forum software. YAF resides in \Forum under the parent website.

This all worked well with YAF version 2.0.0. It's not working with YAF 2.2.2. on a new server.

Previous server was Win2003 with SQL 2008 Express and IIS 6. New server is Win2012 with SQL 2012 Express and IIS 8.

Any thoughts where to start looking for the trouble? It's the same code moved over to the new server. It looks like SetAuthCookie is working on the new server and the user is being correctly handled by YafMembershipProvider and YafRoleProvider.

Is SetAuthCookie different in IIS 8 compared to IIS 6?

Not an expert at this level of coding, so any suggestions on where to dig in would be greatly appreciated.

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