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7 years ago

I just configured YAF forum (ver 2.2.2) with luck. Thanks for that it is very useful. :cheesy:

But I found an issue about changing avatar and click on back button it results 404 error. :cry:

I tried to search if it was known but found nothing about this.

Can reproduce right here on this forum:

Bug 1:

Select My Profile-->Change Avatar --> Select choose from Galery --> Select picture

Now the avatar image changes. Click on Back --> Results 404

Bug 2 just to mention:

Also when registering enter password after that reenter password, when the same password is entered the text still states that the passwords not match!

It can be missleading.

Bug 3?

One more thing: if Enable Retweet Message Button is disabled in Host Settings why Retweet button is still visible?


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7 years ago
Bug 1-3 Confirmed and Fixed in YAF 2.2.3