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8 years ago
I've downloaded and installed YAF 2.2.0 and my users have reported issues with IE8. I have no control over their browser.

In the app.config I have set Jquery to use a specific version 1.11.1 and downloaded it into the scripts folder

However I now find other components are getting errors:
jquery.timeago.js has issues loading settings
jquery.ForumExtensions.js gets a Not Implemented Error on line 3852 char 1
When a user clicks on the logout button a third error occurs with YafModelDialog is null or not an object at line 588 char: 152.

Can anyone confirm if YAF 2.2.0 is/will be supported on IE8? If not can I downgrade to a version with the earlier version of Jquery and will this mean that I have to drop and recreated the DB?

This is the stand alone version and is not integrated with DDN.

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8 years ago

Can anyone confirm if YAF 2.2.0 is/will be supported on IE8?

Yes, but it turns out the new Syntax Highlighter is working only with IE9+. So i added a catch handler to the Script to work in IE bellow 9
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