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9 years ago
I mentioned in another thread here that I'm in the process of integrating three web sites under a single sign-on. At present, I have a custom (parent) site using YAF's membership provider. I'm trying to integrate them with Screwturn Wiki 3.0. To this end, I have two options, The ScrewTurnFormsAuth  or the SystemWebMembershipProxyProvider .

But, in the process of testing these two, I quickly found that, for whatever reason, I could not load the ScrewTurnFormsAuth provider into Screwturn. It was, unfortunately, unusable for that reason. I had better success with the SystemWebMembershipProxyProvider as I was able to "plug it in" and use it with M$'s standard Membership Provider and it appeared to work fine, allowing me to utilize users and their roles correctly. Admin users could administrate on Screwturn and regular users could execute the non-administrative functions.

However, ,when I try to use YAF's provider, that's where I run into trouble. Users Roles are showing up through the SystemWebMembershipProxyProvider but they are coming from the standard membership aspnet_Roles table and not from YAF's yaf_prov_Role table. To verify this, I insterted two unique roles in either table and the one inserted into the aspnet table is the only one to appear.

I believe this places me at a cross-road. I either need to tell YAF to use the standard asp net provider or I need to rewrite the SystemWebMembershipProxyProvider to go against YAF's tables. I assume the first option would be the simplest for me, but the second may be more robust...

So, what are my options? And if I go the Asp Net Membership route, how do I tell YAF to use them? If I go the YAF Provider route, which YAF tables map to which ASP NET tables and are there any special considerations when translating from one to the other that I need to be aware of?

As always, any and all clues greatly appreciated. 🙂

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