9 years ago
I have 4 persistent problems and I wonder if they are related to having only Medium Trust and limited memory on our shared hosting configuration. The 4 problems are these:

1. Avatars from Gravatar are not displayed (other Avatars are OK).
2. The operation of Find First Unread is completely unreliable. In most cases it takes you to the last post even if that is not the first unread. The display of the 'Find First Unread' icon in red, indicating unreads, is completely unreliable - occasionally works but usually white. Have tried IE8, IE11, Safari, Chrome and Firefox on different machines.
3. Attempt to do the Version check always generates a crash screen.
4. Logging out directly after doing a Search (do nothing in between) generates a crash screen.

The latter two are not that important, but the Forum users are unhappy about both 1 and 2 (and very unhappy about number 2.)

As I don't see other people reporting this, I wonder if it is a problem with our Medium Trust hosting (and possibly a limit in memory. I have checked the ASP.NET level and that appears to be OK.

Any comment or insight on this would be appreciated.


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