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9 years ago
Hello, I just thought I'd share my findings of a bug that I've found.

I downloaded the compiled version, and have searched the forum, so I'm guessing this problem is in a compiled DLL in the bin path.

Towards the bottom of the admin page, I get the following error message in Firebug. This does work in Chrome.

ReferenceError: loadTimeAgo is not defined

This is the offending code:

I did solve the problem by reinserting parts of it, but I changed the order of the code around to this: The function comes BEFORE it's called - not after, that's why the browser couldn't find it.

Also, there is a semi-colon missing in the above code.

if (typeof(CKEDITOR) == 'undefined') {

function loadTimeAgo() {
jQuery.timeago.settings.refreshMillis = 60000;
jQuery.timeago.settings.strings = {
prefixAgo: null,
prefixFromNow: null,
suffixAgo: "ago",
suffixFromNow: "from now",
seconds: "less than a minute",
minute: "about a minute",
minutes: "%d minutes",
hour: "about an hour",
hours: "about %d hours",
day: "a day",
days: "%d days",
month: "about a month",
months: "%d months",
year: "about a year",
years: "%d years",
numbers: []


This should solve the initial problem of the accordian not firing.

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9 years ago
Thanks i applied your fixes, will be included in the next release.
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9 years ago
Thanks! :D
If I find any other things I'll let you know. :)

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