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8 years ago

The above post mentions that the problem has been resolved, yet I have the same issue, when creating new topic status, I see [] next to its name.
Like [] Topic title.

Also how do I add new icons for the new topic statuses?

8 years ago
What version of YAF are you using?

Are you using YAF in a Portal (e.g. DotNetNuke)?

To add Topic Status. Host Administration > Settings > Topic Status

Then edit your themeName.xml file to add icons to them.

<page name="TOPIC_STATUS">
     <Resource tag="INFORMATIC">~/status_informatic.png</Resource>
     <Resource tag="SOLVED">~/status_solved.png</Resource>
     <Resource tag="QUESTION">~/status_question.png</Resource>
	 <Resource tag="ISSUE">~/status_issue.png</Resource>
	 <Resource tag="FIXED">~/status_fixed.png</Resource>

The icon will have to be in your theme directory with the other theme icons/graphics/images.
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8 years ago
Thanks, I got it now 🙂
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8 years ago
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