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8 years ago
I have a website in which I have created a masterpage.

Using the bootstrap framework it works flawlessly with my site, i have a nice nav-bar and footer.

Rather than typing out the menu list items manually I use a sitemap set up. My asp:menu looks like this:


IncludeStyleBlock="false" Orientation="Horizontal"

CssClass="navbar-collapse collapse"

StaticMenuStyle-CssClass="nav navbar-nav"





Again all good!

As soon as I add the YAF forum stuff...following the guide to integrate it into a asp.net application (downloading the sample app and following it)..this in essence worked, It displayed and was part of my application.

The issue though arose with my nav-bar. It seemed to loose all bootstrap styling and just looked ugly, it was still responsive in relation to re-sizing the screen.

I have searched this forum and while there is one post about bootstrap it doesn't tell me much!

Any help would be great!