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8 years ago
12 years with YAF

9 456 817 messages dans 1 004 985 sujets de 272 forums.
Il y a 2 446 369 membres inscrits.

8 years ago
These are some crazy stats!

There are 9,456,817 posts in 1,004,985 topics in 272 forums.
There 2,446,369 registered members
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8 years ago
Great achievement, it appears to be quite fast even with all those banners, would be interesting to know hardware setup.
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8 years ago
Thanks ! that's our forums ;)
basicaly it was yaf 1.7, something like that.
the hardware for the production version is something like MS Server 2003 with 4Gb RAM

the hardware.. 
and yeah these stats are due to the fact that the forums run on 2 or 3 different websites (including "http://www.genealogie.com/v4/forums/" ), and have 5 Boards.
Developpers before me have made a lot of changes so that a user could post messages on different Boards with a single account,
and most important : hold the load to keep performances..
Unlucky for us, we couldn't work on the actual version to upgrade it, because the code is a complete mess because of these changes ( i don't even understand how the forum can work actualy..)

in a few days, "http://www.familles.com/v4/forums" is going to be renamed, and the amount of users will drop to something like 600K, with 1M posts, and around 6M or 8M Messsages, since we're going to split the forums with one DB per website, using the new version ;)

Conclusion : 12 years with Yaf and it still stands 😉 we'll continue using that great solution !
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8 years ago
Hi again,


We haven't put the stats back yet since we're working on other prior tasks,
but here it is with the 2.1.1 upgraded version and our own modifications 😉 (run on webfarm)

PS: make sure you have AdBlock 🙂
8 years ago
7 years ago
Originally Posted by: bbobb 

12 years with YAF

Wow! I want to start my first session to start for 12 month and then for 12 years.

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