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8 years ago
Good Morning All,

I have installed yaf.net on our utility server (Windows Server 2008 R2). The installation was easy, and straight forward.

I am having a problem with email notifications, I am simply not receiving them.

This is my setup:

1. Email Service (SMTP) lives in the same system where yaf.net is installed

2. I configured the mail.config file to send from my localhost, 25, with the credentials specified

3. The server does not require SSL authentication, therefore the app.config has not been changed.

4. Board Email settings has the same email address specified in mail.config

Any help and all help is always appreciated!


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8 years ago
Are there any mail related errors in the event log?

On the Install/Upgrade Wizard there is a little test tool to send a test message. Does it work there, or are there any error messages?