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10 years ago
Hi guys.

This may seem a bit weird, or i may be too maniac 😂 , but when you want to disconnect you shouldn't have to wait for 2 postback to happen..

it looks like actualy when you click on "disconnect" there's a postback that finaly shows a modal popup (jquery), then when it works (yes it doesn't work all the time for us), you press "yes" and there you wait for another post back before being disconnected.

Couldn't just some javascript do the trick ?
<linkbutton ID=".."  onclientclick="return confirm('you sure you want to disconnect')" />
(something like this but with the modal popup) and then make only ONE post back to disconnect.

And i said it didn't work all the time, well i've got to say it only works when we're viewing our profile...(lol.)
It's impossible to disconnect when we're on a topic, but maybe that last issue comes from us, since we've added a lot more stuff in the header

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10 years ago
On quick reply, if you hit Post over and over again, it'll submit multiple posts. It might be cuz I'm an Admin on my site, but I hit it four times and four posts.
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