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10 years ago
I would like to integrate YAF with an existing ASP.NET website which is built upon EPiServer CMS.

I would like the integration to:
1. Use membership and role providers that my website is already using (SQL membership and role providers)
2. Only provide boards, thread functionality on the website (do-not need private messages etc)

The way I envisage this working is to:

1. Setup YAF as an entirely separate website (e.g forum.mywebsite.com)
2. Configure the YAF website to use sql membership and role providers and use the connection string to my existing membership database.

At this point, I believe I should have a complete working YAF site using my existing membership system.

For the integration to my site I think I then need to:
1. Pull in the user controls for the board, message and thread functions.
2. Pull across the dll dependencies needed for the user controls.
3. Setup appropiate config settings for integration to work.

Should it be this simple or is the theory at least correct? I can see YAF talks about integration with Umbraco, SiteCore and DNN but I cant really find any documentation about how this works in practice.

Many thanks,

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