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9 years ago
Hello all,

I followed the directions provided in the documentation section to add YAF to my existing site in development.
I created a page called forums.aspx and placed it in my "~/Secured/" directory. It's important to note that in the project structure the forums.aspx is in a directory below the root and the YAF /forum directory is also below the root.

when i navigate to www.sitename.com/secure/forums.aspx i see the main forums page (it also properly took me through the setup the first time i hit the page.)
but if i click on anything inside the forums i get

The resource cannot be found 404 error.

the error page shows that the resource that cannot be found is /forum/Forums.aspx.

Why is it looking for the Forums.aspx page in the forum dir and not the Secure dir?

Any help would be great.....new to YAF but liking it so far.

9 years ago
This sounds like a UrlRewriter.config issue to me.


Also, make sure your app.config is set properly too. You should have ... I think it's baseurlmask set to ~/forum ... I'm not sure, I'd have to double check.
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