10 years ago
Is it possible to modify the way post attachments handles .gifs? It would be really nice if instead of having a static preview image for these that the actual moving .gif show up in the attachments area (assuming the file isn't too large).

I assume this would need to happen in the YafResourceHandler, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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10 years ago

Is it possible to modify the way post attachments handles .gifs?

No sorry, there is currently no library available that can handle that. The problem is that each frame needs to be resized, and that is not an easy job in .NET, this is not something that can be done with a few lines of code.
10 years ago
I guess my thought is approach gifs differently - don't provide an image preview, nor take it on yourself to essentially upscale the gif, but just present it as-is in the attachments area.
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