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10 years ago
So I have just started integrating YAF into my asp.net website and have run into an interesting problem. When a user clicks the login link from the top of my site and login from the 'forum/yaf_login.aspx' page, they are instantly redirected to the forum page at 'forum/Forum.aspx.' I was wondering if anyone knew how to make it so that they would instead be redirected to the page they were on when they clicked the 'Login' link. I have tried changing my link to '/forum/yaf_login.aspx?returnurl=%2fHome.aspx' and it still redirects to the Forum. I have even tried adding 'defaultUrl=Home.aspx' into the authentication part of my 'web.config' file but it still transfers to the Forum. If I can't even make it redirect to a static page I don't think I will ever figure out how to redirect to the user's previous page. Has anyone out there had a similar experience and might help me out?

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10 years ago
go to host settings

Check this
Custom Login Redirect Url:
If login is disabled in the AppSettings (AllowLoginAndLogoff needs to be set to "false"), this is the URL users will be redirected to when they need to access the forum. Optionally add "" to the URL to pass the return URL to the custom Url. E.g. "http://mydomain.com/login.aspx?PreviousUrl={0}"
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