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10 years ago
We are using YAF.NET Version: and note that the album feature (yaf_cp_editalbumimages.aspx) only supports uploading one image at a time. Three questions:

1 Is this possibly a configurable option somewhere?

2 Is this still the case in later versions?

3 Is there a workaround, e.g. could we ftp images up and they would be picked up by YAF or would there then be some metadata missing YAF needs? The latter seems to be the case given they are uploaded to a directory of the form ‘2.6.[name].jpg.yafalbum’?




10 years ago
When the images are uploaded, YAF renames them and stores in a proper location. It also catalogs them into the database depending on what the image is for. Currently, the logic for handling uploads only supports one file at a time and is not configurable.

In a sidenote, I have some scripts I use on my own websites that I am porting into .NET - one is a multi-file-uploader - I'm going to turn that source code over to YAF devs when it's complete so they may use it if possible for upload updates.

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