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9 years ago
i am trying to integrate YAF.Net with existing ASP.NET application .

i am getting this error on my Forum's Base page where the Forum should be displayed

The type 'YAF.ForumPageBase' is ambiguous: it could come from assembly 'C:\Users\MAYANK\Desktop\DREAMJEE 6.0\DreamJEE\bin\YAF.DLL' or from assembly 'C:\Users\MAYANK\Desktop\DREAMJEE 6.0\DreamJEE\bin\pp.DLL'. Please specify the assembly explicitly in the type name.

i have excluded those two dll and then re build the solution but the problem persists , apart from that tried some other solutions like cleared all ASP.NET files and Folders but none of the solution worked for me Please help

Thanks in advance 🙂