Hi all,
I'm curious about this since it is driving me crazy. My site is live at: 
If you browse around the site you will notice that it is pretty fast; no slower than the average site is though it is hosted at my house versus at a hosting provider's datacenter. It uses YAF 1.9.6, but if you click on our forums page, you'll see a much slower response time than you would clicking on any of the other pages. What can I check and do to ensure that YAF is running at proper speed? Thanks all for everything you can provide. And for reference, it is Sueetie 4.7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and IIS 7.5.
Katherine Moss,
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It's not slow. It just takes a while to launch it for the first time.
If you'd had some visitors you would not notice it.
Okay Thanks. I don't have any visitors as of yet, but I'm getting there; the Sueetie framework's a complicated thing, and I keep messing up LOL. that's good to know. I mean, there was one time when link clicks were like nonexistent, but that was because it was hotter than Hades in New England over the past weekend, so that's been handled with the cooling of the weather. Now it's a wee bit faster already.
Katherine Moss,
Technologist and lover of Boston
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I experienced the same issue. My forum has members but it still loads very slow. Even slower than your forum. It timed out on me sometimes too. I hope the next release is faster so I have been waiting for a year now to get the next release.

If you find any way to make it runs faster, let me know. Thanks.

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