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10 years ago
YAF software is awesome. I have few suggestions to make YAF more better :)

1. Jquery 1.10.0 was released few days ago. Could we upgrade code to this version?

2. Change Doctype on masterpage from "XHTML 1.0 Transitional" to HTML5.

3. Though YAF requires .net 4.0 or higher, in web.config, pages are rendered with compatibility version 3.5. Can we upgrade page rendering to 4.0? This will be useful for site integration also (since all other pages on the site would be using 4.0). I am guessing only hardcoded javascript variable names would need to be changed in code to "fix this".

4. In web.config, request validation mode=2.0. Can this also be upgraded?

5. Move "eventvalidation=false" and "validaterequest=false" from web.config to masterpage (default.aspx file). This way rest of the site will still have eventvalidation=true and also forum will continue to work correctly.

6. When user edits a post and does not provide "reason for edit", we should hide the "reason: not specified" and just show last edit date. Because "reason: not specified" does not give any additional information. So no point telling users that we don't know whys its edited. It will also save on server processing on thousands of edited forum post.

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10 years ago
Originally Posted by: johnk 

4. In web.config, request validation mode=2.0. Can this also be upgraded?

No, because it limits functionality, simplifying life for bad coders and really downgrading any soft.The setting should be omitted only during development. If you use an integration variant and your other soft complains you should ask questions to its developers. It was discussed here before, you can attempt to find it by using search.
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