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10 years ago

We have a forum which is using the YAF SW. It is great and we are currently running the latest version from source control (May 16 11:04 AM, changeset: dda23b9b1cd9)

We have been experiencing some outages of the forum or it has been loading quite slow at times, and at other times it is very fast. I have been in contact with our Hosting to try and determine what could be causing this, i.e. if it is a hosting problem (too much load on the DB or the web server) or if it is an application problem. I did not get any clear answers as the site was working fine by the time they got to my issue.

So now I am in the persuit of trying to find out where the problem of the slowness and outages lies. I have checked the event logs supplied in the ADMIN GUI, which does not show any showstopper errors during our outages. I have even tried to re-upload the YAF:dll so I know I have a restarted app, which did not cause the site come up - does this not indicate that it is in fact the IIS which is the bottleneck?

I have built the site in DEBUG mode and deployed it onto our server. Now we can see info regarding SQL like this at the bottom of the page, which is great :

This page was generated in 0.776 seconds.

8 SQL Queries: 0.368 Seconds (47.42% of Total Page Load Time).

[dbo].[yaf_forum_listpath]: 0.002
[dbo].[yaf_watchforum_check]: 0.000
[dbo].[yaf_forum_list]: 0.001
[dbo].[yaf_forum_listread]: 0.001
[dbo].[yaf_announcements_list]: 0.011
[dbo].[yaf_topic_list]: 0.351
[dbo].[yaf_active_listforum]: 0.001
[dbo].[yaf_forum_listall]: 0.001

(this is an example of a good response time)

Usually this is the case, but frequently during the day we get page generation timeouts or up to 1 min for loading, which is unacceptable.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I should proceed to determine where the outage cause lies?
Are there any more features available in DEBUG mode in YAF that I can use for these purposes?

Any suggestions would be helpful!


10 years ago
I'm running the same build and haven't had any speed issues.

This page was generated in 0.077 seconds.

My site does load less speedy in DEBUG, vs RELEASE, as expected.

I would suspect this to be your host.

You can try using sites like tools.pingdom.com to see what is slowing your site down.
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