10 years ago
i'm running the yaf demo with a view to using yaf to replace our well-past-its-sell-by-date company messageboard.

one feature i was hoping for was the ability for admin/moderators to view deleted posts, but i can't find it.

any ideas?

  • Zero2Cool
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10 years ago
If you delete the message and check the box that says "irreverfsible" with regards to deleting from the database, you won't be able to view them. You know this already. However, if you delete a message and/or topic, the message/topic is not deleted. To view, you have to check/uncheck the View Deleted messages under the Host settings.

I think all of that is probably useless to you, since the deleted only show up in the time frame they were posted (with being marked "This post was deleted") and I think you're wanting to display a collection of all messages/topics deleted, correct?
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