10 years ago
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Hello, I've seen a lot of people writing about this, and even read some promises to fix this for 1.9.5 or future 2.0 version
But haven't found a solution.

I'm deploying a test/dev/staging DNN environment to test out several portals before putting them to production use.
My test/dev projects are really longterm, so there's no need to pay for a dedicated server for now, so I am ok with 1&1, mostly everything works fine and lots of 3rd party modules work ok.

I love YAF, it's simply the best, can this actually be fixed?
Do not hesitate to propose technical workarounds, if there are simple fixes, I can ask someone to implement it.

  • Jaben
  • 100% (Exalted)
  • YAF Developer
10 years ago
Fixed in latest. Not sure when tha_watcha will release the fix.for DNN, though.
  • tha_watcha
  • 100% (Exalted)
  • YAF.NET Project Lead 🤴 YAF Version: 3.0.3
10 years ago
Recompiled the Module with the fixes provided by Jaben

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