When I creat a new topic, the topic Post New Topic layout is messed up, the left side pane (Subject, Description, Status, messages) which should be like 25% width is taking up more like 2/3 of the screen, which makes the body of the post really small.

if this a template problem, any tips how to easily change this?

2nd question: The add smiley widget is cool, but I don't much like the default pagination which seems to be set to 18? how can i set this to 50 for example? I also would not mind moving the smiley pan below the body, which would allow for a longer horizontal area to display many smileys
gdemotchkine attached the following image(s):
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Must say that the smiley pagination is a bit annoying & unnecessary too, since it causes some confusion for less experienced users... Your suggestion about a single smiley area sounds good to me...
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How do I get the Smiley paging to work? On mine there is no paging like I see here now when I'm making this post. My Smiley box has 18 icons but that's it - in spite of my having many more (standard install) than that.

I've tried various themes to see if that may have been the cause, but they are all the same (missing pagination)


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