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10 years ago
I've searched this forum and see many people have issues with YAF being slow. The resolution seems that the app pool gets shut down and for us to put some process in place to keep it alive.


First time around it takes 23 seconds, try one second later and it still takes 23 seconds. I dont believe the app pool is shutting down after 2 seconds so what could be the problem. My other database applications do not have the same problem on the same server.

Can anybody recommend anything.


10 years ago
There's no way to tell if the app pool is shutting down without watching the process on the server in the Task Manager, or viewing the server event logs.

Are ALL pages loading slow, or initial page loads?
Are you on shared hosting? Is your shared hosting have a RAM resource cap? IF your app pool is limited in RAM usage, when YAF loads, if it exceeds the RAM limit set on your pool, the pool will recycle.
Please verify your server hosting limits for the YAF application pool. Something is misconfigured most likely or you are under a common restriction from shared hosting. YAF is a large application that takes large advantage of database and page caching. These take RAM in order to be effecient.
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10 years ago
I use GearHost for my YAF board and it's awfully quick. You can check for yourself. PackersHome.com I pay $10 a month.

YAF isn't slow, it's quite snappy.
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