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10 years ago
Hi colleagues,
At the moment I'm struggling with this combination, ie YAF+BE, but unfortunately it works just partially. The situation with 'membership provider' is unclear, because I can login to the forum through BE, but cannot through YAF 😞 It is quite weird behaviour. At the same time, I cannot logout from the forum (despite it says I've logged out). Moreover, registration procedure is weird, because YAF for instance has more fields to fill out and if I register through BE, the login doesn't work.
So, my question: is it possible to make 'linkage' between systems more easier/clearer. Are you testing YAF with other systems/engines by any chance?

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10 years ago
I use the YAF provider in my MVC web development project, since I have over 5000 users in YAF who would not be happy if I should have them to re-register, and I have tried to integrate BE to use the YAF provider - but I ran out of talent while trying to do this since BlogEngine also uses a custom membership provider...

Think I'll write a simple blog-like sw instead later - seems easier...
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