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10 years ago
I've decided I can't deal with the little oddities of 1.9.6 any longer, specifically the damn modal box popup, lol and will be upgrading to the latest build.

I know this is a risk, but I think whatever issues I might incur, I can pass them along to the dev team which will help expedite the RTW release. Maybe.

My question is ... do I run any security issues by throwing it up in Debug mode? I'd like to do it in Debug to see the Debug statistics as shown below so if one is taking longer than the other consistently I can mention it.

19 SQL Queries: 3.714 Seconds (91.37% of Total Page Load Time).

EXEC [dbo].[yaf_shoutbox_getmessages] @0,@1,@2: 0.032
EXEC [dbo].[yaf_forum_moderators] @0: 0.180
EXEC [dbo].[yaf_category_list] @0,@1: 0.013
[dbo].[yaf_forum_listread]: 0.322
[dbo].[yaf_category_simplelist]: 0.004
[dbo].[yaf_forum_simplelist]: 0.005
[dbo].[yaf_topic_latest]: 0.710
[dbo].[yaf_message_simplelist]: 0.016
[dbo].[yaf_topic_simplelist]: 0.007
[dbo].[yaf_topic_simplelist]: 0.006
[dbo].[yaf_active_list]: 0.001
[dbo].[yaf_active_stats]: 0.154
[dbo].[yaf_board_poststats]: 1.694
[dbo].[yaf_board_userstats]: 0.027
SELECT up.Birthday, up.UserID, u.Name as UserName,u.DisplayName AS UserDisplayName, u.TimeZone, (case(@StyledNicks) when 1 then u.UserStyle else '' end) AS Style FROM [dbo].[yaf_UserProfile] up JOIN [dbo].[yaf_User] u ON u.UserID = up.UserID JOIN [dbo].[yaf_Rank] r ON r.RankID = u.RankID where u.BoardID = @BoardID AND DATEADD(year, DATEDIFF(year,up.Birthday,@CurrentUtc1),up.Birthday) > @CurrentUtc1 and DATEADD(year, DATEDIFF(year,up.Birthday,@CurrentUtc2),up.Birthday) < @CurrentUtc2: 0.017
[dbo].[yaf_topic_simplelist]: 0.002
[dbo].[yaf_user_list]: 0.119
[dbo].[yaf_user_list]: 0.171
[dbo].[yaf_user_list]: 0.234

btw, [dbo].[yaf_board_poststats]: seems to always take around ~1 second for some reason.

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10 years ago
There are no security issues, and the query Messages are only shown to Admins.

BUT some things are slower. It took longer to compile the application on the server, Some code is executed differently in debug mode (mostly more event logging).
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