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10 years ago
Hi All,

I am working with YAF + Umbraco integration and so far all is working really nice..

Now I want to change the sort order of forum posts an I cant really find a setting to do that..

I have checked the [yaf_post_list] stored procedure and found changing the @SortPosted parameter to 2 will do the trick.. I have hard coded this value with in the procedure and it worked fine..
SET @SortPosted = 2

but now I have problem with direct link to messages from notification email etc.. They are going to wrong page/post.. I have gone through the code and understood the problem is with finding the messagePosition

int findMessageId = this.GetFindMessageId(showDeleted, userId, out messagePosition);

but I can't figure out how to fix this.. Any help will be greatly appreciated..

Basically I want a way to sort the forum posts from newest to oldest and all other YAF functionality should just work as it should be ..

Thanks and Best Regards,

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10 years ago
message_findunread returns a post position number from the latest post by default. It has parallel code with post_list. When your change sort order your are getting an old post postion. Try to change message find unread or better change position in post_list by simply using totalcount - old position. I was primarily writing the feature in this manner exactly to get the flexibility you want, but didn't implemented it to the end because there was no demand for it. I can't say what exactly to do right now due to lack of time, but this is an educated guess from the horse's mouth 🙂
You can check wether the functionality works or not more easily by using search. Link should lead you exactly to a required post.
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10 years ago

Thank you for your reply..

I have already done this by changing only the stored procedure [yaf_post_list].

Will be great if you can have a look and suggest me if its right.. I have tested myself and all working good..

Look for the changes inside the comments
-- Anz change Start

-- Anz change End

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