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10 years ago
Greetings & Happy New Year to all!

I need some help. Two related questions:

1. I have had problems with my forum due to many 503 timeout errors. The hosting service says they have corrected most and that has helped. What remains, they said, is due to server restarts done several times a day and they say it is needed because this is a shared server. I don't know enough to evaluate that statement. Naturally, I'm the only customer with the 503 problems.
Does this sound plausible?

2. I received the message below from my hosting service and I need help interpreting this. I am puzzled because I do not have a "lists" directory and I do not have images under the "forums" directory. In fact, I find none of these. I never deleted anything, etc. I had one user tell me that he got 404 message when trying to post he did back page and tried again; no problem.
So, where does this come from? Could this be due to server response in some way?


Attached is one of the trace reports. I copied and past it into a word document. All of the errors that was caught was 404. The particular error means whatever your client was looking for was not found in the directory you sent it too. The trace report I ran was for www.heartlifetalk.com and below is what files the server could not find when the client requested them.


Each report bomb out with the below message:

ModuleName IIS Web Core
Notification 16
HttpStatus 404
HttpReason Not Found
HttpSubStatus 0
ErrorCode 2147942402
ConfigExceptionInfo Notification
ErrorCode The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)

When files are moved and the website is not dynamic. This can pose a problem because the more files are removed or moved, the more 404 errors, and the more time the client have to wait until the server time out and move to the next file to download to the webpage.


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10 years ago
Server problems. Moved to new server. Problem solved.
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