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11 years ago
I have both MySQL and SQL Server Express. For use with my Yaf.Net forum being tested on my local host, I did use the SQL Server Express. The problem was that it was not working correctly since I had both the version that came with my copy of Visual Studio 2010, and the SQL Server Express 2008 version. Once I COMPLETELY removed both versions (and yes, my husband helped me get into the registry and remove all traces of BOTH versions) then re-install ONLY SQL Server Express, THEN copy over the file recommended-NET-web.config to my yaf root Folder and rename it to web.config.

MySQL had nothing to do with it. The local host by and of itself does NOT contain a database. Visual Studio 2010 does, but it was NOT compatible with the Yaf.net forums (newer/older version?) So that is why I had to delete ALL the SQL files and re-install the correct version that does work with Yaf.net. I'm not certain how or if MySQL works with Yaf, so that is a question for another thread, maybe.

It DOES work just fine on my local host, and uploading the files that I customized on my local host up to the server worked just fine as well. The bottom line is that if you're using your local host, you do still need a database. If you want to install Yaf.net on your local host, like I said, it DOES work, but it DOES require a database that is compatible with Yaf.net.
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10 years ago
Hi everyone!!!

Thanks for providing this amazing application. I'm using the YAF for a one year, approximately.

However, I found a recent difficulty. I always used the YAF with local database SQLExpress 2008. However, the need has arisen to use YAF with remote connection for SQLServer2008 R2.


  • Using IIS7.5 in server "A" with YAF-v1.9.6.1-RTW-BIN files inside the virtual directory (application): \SiteForum\forumati

  • The virtual path \forumati is an aplication folder within IIS7.5

    SQLServer2008R2 is on server "B", the same subnet.[/list]

    When i used the sqlexpress on the local machine, everything worked perfectly. I believe it is a problem in db.config. How can i configure the db.config file to establish a connection with sqlserver2008R2 on another machine (the same subnet).

    Thanks for some help!!

    obs: Sorry about my english. :(

    Best regards.
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    10 years ago

    How can i configure the db.config file to establish a connection with sqlserver2008R2 on another machine (the same subnet).

    use the address of the server as datasource (for example the ip adress)

    <add name="yafnet" connectionString='data source=ipaddress;initial catalog=yafnetdatabasename;uid=USERNAME;pwd=PASSWORD' providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />
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