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I'm having a lot of trouble, with putting YetAnotherForum into the same project as my Sitecore is running from.

I finally made YAF actually run inside Sitecore, but now i'm having a few problems with Profiles.

I had to change the "public class YafUserProfile : IYafUserProfile" to "public class YafUserProfile : Sitecore.Security.UserProfile" in YAF.Utils\YafUserProfile.cs, to make it inherit from Sitecore Security and to be able to run it in my Sitecore project.

But in YAF.Core\UsersRoles\CombinedUserDataHelper.cs i got a problem, after i've changed my YafUserProfile.cs file.


public IYafUserProfile Profile




if (this._userProfile == null && this.UserName.IsSet())


// init the profile...

this._userProfile = YafUserProfile.GetProfile(this.UserName);


return this._userProfile;



The line marked with red is causing this error: "Cannot implicitly convert type 'YAF.Utils.YafUserProfile' to 'Yaf.Types.Interfaces.IYafUserProfile'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)"

I've tried so many things, but i'm kinda lost.

Anyone have a good suggestion? I would really appreciate it, thanks.