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11 years ago
I am running - ie + some later additions...

Since I am developing an MVC 4 site using the YAF membership provider for the site, I would like to "timestamp" the visits to the MVC site into the accurate YAF table(s)...

As I understand the yaf_User, yaf_Active and yaf_prov_Membership all contain "last login" and "last visit/activity" fields...

Which of these are relevant? Or should I update all of them in a way?

I can see that last visit/activity is updated in all of them if using the forum login page, but I also want to update them when site pages outside the forum are accessed by forum members - and to show "rest of the site" users as "online" in the forum online users list. As well as counting current online users both in forum & site on the site home page...

Could I also eg update the yaf_Active "Location" field with a site page instead of forum page?

I have also noted a small "quirk", the "last login" does not update if you log in via a direct link to /forum/login.aspx, only if you login via the link at the top of the forum. "Last activity" is updated while you are in the forum, though...

Since I have not figured out how to do this 100% yet, I humbly ask for some ideas, tips & advice.
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