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11 years ago
Ref: YAF version:

I want to set up RSS reader display of latest posts on my home page. I activated RSS feed for Latest Posts but clicking on the link [http://mywebsite/forums/yaf_rsstopic0ft0_latestposts-rss.xml] I get the following with highlighted.

XML parsing failed
XML parsing failed: syntax error (Line: 10, Character: 0)

Reparse document as HTML
Error: mismatched end-tag


How can I get this to work properly? What is the solution to this?



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11 years ago
Search the forum, the problem was discussed and a solution (maybe working in some cases) was published.
Currently the feed page name was swapped for .aspx to avoid such problems.
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11 years ago
Well, I did that -- before I posted. I read most everything; some 15 pages up til 4am. :-( Sure, there were similar posts. I tried most everything. Some treads seem to have drifted into no solutions or even debates as to a cause or possible solution. Some suggested just try things, etc. Sorry, I don't mean to upset anyone but it looks like a hunt and peck thing with no definitive solution. I tried various things others said worked. I don't know what 'worked' means to them so just tried them. No joy.

What I know is that "RSS & Atom Feeds for all Pages (e.g. Forums, Topics, Active Discussion)" are promoted features but, for me, at least, RSS feed is broken. (sigh)

What I know is that I'm not a programmer, developer, etc. Yet, I'm not helpless; I do know enough to have a site up, configure things, set up database, and get things running with some nice features. I just want to display latest posts via RSS on a web page but can't get past this. Really, all the posts (search: RSS) were not much help to me.

I don't want to sound ungrateful. I've gotten some super help here and appreciate it. I'm just terribly disappointed. Maybe this is just a step too far.

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11 years ago
Can you show an example of precisely what error you're getting? I mean, "RSS" is a cool term these days, etc., but what exactly are you looking to achieve with your RSS?

And the reason you're posting in the YAF forums is that you're wanting to incorporate some type of news scroller or something in your forums? If so, this can be quite easily done.

But I'm not exactly sure what is it you're looking to achieve. Can you please elaborate? Are you trying to have a feed/scroller in your YAF? If you can elaborate, I might be able to offer some advice.
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11 years ago


1. The error is in my first post in this thread. Happens when you click the RSS icon to subscribe. The same with atomfeed. From search this is a problem for some.

2. Looking to achieve a) a way users can subscribe to active discussion on the forums and b) have a feed scroller on the home page (showing prospective users what's up, etc.), not in YAF forums. The forum is subdirectory to home page: www.homepage.com/forums.

So, far I've discovered here that xml files need to be converted to asmx, at least that is one suggestion. Another is wait until next upgrade.

I am unable to get pass 1. above.

Thanks for taking time to look at this.

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