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Hello guys,
I just got YAF up and running and want to change the login/cookies from YAF to our custom login

I changed the cookie settings in the web.config file as follows below

please advice

many thanks


<membership defaultProvider="" hashAlgorithmType="SHA1">
<clear />
<!-- YAF's ASP.NET Membership Provider is designed to work a bit better with YAF.NET options, but is by no means required.
But, you will not be able to switch providers after installing your forum.
<add name="YafMembershipProvider" applicationName="YetAnotherForum" connectionStringName="yafnet" requiresUniqueEmail="true" useSalt="true" type="YAF.Providers.Membership.YafMembershipProvider"/> -->
<add name="" applicationName="/" connectionStringName="yafnet" requiresUniqueEmail="true" useSalt="true" type="YAF.Providers.Membership.YafMembershipProvider"/>
<!-- Set as default if you want to use use the built-in ASP.NET membership provider. Password Type of "Encrypted" requires a machine key. -->


<authentication mode="Forms">
<!-- <forms name=".YAFNET_Authentication" protection="All" timeout="43200" cookieless="UseCookies"/>-->
<forms name="" protection="All" timeout="43200" cookieless="UseCookies" domain="" loginUrl=""/>
Sounds like you're talking about using your own membership rather than YAF's. That unfortunately is outside of my knowledge, but another YAF developer may be able to assist.
If you can't find it using the forum search, try my signature link -- searches this site using Google: Google is my Friend 

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