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11 years ago
I implemented YAF on our internal web site which is not accesible from outside our organisation. We have a web site on the server that is accessible from outside and I would like to either run YAF a second time on that server which uses https so that the forum can be accessed from within our organisation and from outside the organisation.
Is it possible to have YAF in both websites but have them syncronised in some way or is it possible to move YAF to the outside accessible web site using IIS Export and Import application.
In particular I am wondering how the database is effected and how users would be syncronised if I had two seperate sites.
Internal site http://internal_address_of site eg 192.168.xxx.xxx
external site https://internet_accessible_address eg 210.185.xxx.xxx
Both sites on same IIS 7.5 Server.
Database is SQL2008 R2 Express.
Server is Windows Server 2008 R2

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