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11 years ago

I have successfully integrated yaf into my MVC 3 web site.
and I have integrated registration too.
But now, ı want to when user log in my web site, user log in forum.

How can I do this?

Best Regards,

And I am sorry for my bad english.


  • sbayd
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11 years ago
How Can I login my forum with my websites login panel?
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11 years ago
What I have done is to use the same "Machine Key" in IIS for the forum application and my MVC3 application...
They are not really "integrated" but work together...

So, in IIS Manager for your site go to Machine Key management - uncheck all the autogenerate checkboxes...

Press the Generate Key in the right-hand menu.
The generated static Validation & Decryption key should appear in in the fields.

Go to the forum application in IIS, uncheck the autogenerate checkboxes there too - and then copy the keys you generated for the site into the corresponding fields.

And then your site login should also work for the forum and vice versa...

If you have managed to truly integrate the forum application into your MVC3 application, I would be very interested to know how you did it...

Edit - This goes for IIS7, don't know how to do if you use IIS6 or older.
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